Susan Boil’s talented performance on Britain’s Got Zombies.

Susan Boyle

15 Replies on “Britain’s Got Zombies: Susan ‘Boil’”

  1. manny Says:

    Susan “Boil”!!!! hahaha

  2. lonelykay Says:

    Woah her face looks absolutely terrible (which is a good thing since she is a zombie). And her singing is just as crazy.

  3. SebasC Says:

    Man I love the art on this website but the videos you guys make with it are pieces of shit! At least make it funny. You guys don’t even try.

  4. dc Says:

    Thanks for your comment, SebasC - but to clarify, DC is a one-man show. I admittedly am no comedian, which may contribute to the lack of ‘funny’ in some of my creations.

  5. AD LANE Says:

    SebasC obviously has no sense of humor, as this clip was hilarious, the fact she was moaning and groaning just added to the comedy, I personally loved it… keep em coming buddy…

  6. tanner Says:

    her voice and face and everything is just crazy.

  7. UponTheShores Says:

    what did you do?
    she looks/ sounds exactly the same

  8. haley Says:

    very odd like it tho

  9. Joan Joel Says:

    No me parece gracioso ni divertido usar la imagen de Susan Boyle, ella tiene una bellisima voz que muchos seguramente envidian…la imagen que han puesto es solo la del alma de quien monto este chiste de mal gusto…y si que tiene un alma muy fea.

  10. Joan Joel Says:

    December 13th, 2009 at 7:21 pm
    I find it funny or fun to use the image of Susan Boyle, she has a beautiful voice that many will surely envy … the image you have is just the amount of the soul of this sick joke … and if you have a very ugly soul.


  11. essie & robsies Says:

    real live picture true photo

  12. Anisa, Annie Says:

    Hello shes amazing and u are just mean to do that

    But funny

  13. elldog Says:

    hahahaha lol she creepy as it is why u make her creeper lol

  14. catalina Says:

    la cantante es un zombie xd

  15. pool Says:

    This video makes a ideot, greets from germany

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