Zombifying Barack Obama.


original Obama

10 Replies on “Barains Obama”

  1. xD Says:


  2. :O Says:

    Lol and here the president of the EEUU XD

  3. ace Says:

    this s cool.haha.

  4. sisa Says:

    this is very goood!

  5. Rautamaha Says:

    President Evil?

  6. run Says:

    USA in trouble now lmao

  7. sk83r boi Says:

    he look$ like a GAYlien

  8. yo Says:

    olaaa soi9s gilipolllass, ke os den x kulooooooooanormaless, traducid estoooojaja

  9. SexiEmoGurl Says:

    holy ****. i knew black people would take over!!!!

  10. angel Says:

    this is fucking funny

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