Has anyone seen my Tabby?


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11 Replies on “Cat Food”

  1. Sammy Says:

    Poor tabby!! lol

  2. carlos Says:

    is the kitty small or the spider big!

  3. Tiphaine Says:

    (Sorry, i’m french and i’m 12 years) It’s verry … verry verry good !!!

  4. PC Says:

    Very good :) But:
    a) Poor, poor kitty! :L
    b) I’m afraid of spiders.

    But I do say, all the work on this site is fantastic :)

  5. JJtoosweet Says:


  6. kolette Says:

    wow next time you do that make your cat a vampire

  7. kolette Says:

    how do i do that

  8. bob Says:

    Agreed Carlos,agreed

  9. essie Says:

    awwwww poor kat i cant imagine my tabby getting eaten by a spider poor nibbles

  10. frank rizzo Says:

    well done!!!!

  11. alina Says:

    very funny butt the onlyst thing is …….. the poor poor poor poor kitty cat ! it could be something else but not a kitten !

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