If Sing were a Bollywood production.
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Speculating from where the Weeknd channels his creativity.
Thanks Abęl for resurrecting true originality in music.
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How not to find love online.
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Jesus Face Pan
Images of Jesus, the Virgin Mary and the Flying Spaghetti Monster are often reported to appear as eerie images on frying pans, toast, tree trunks and chest hair.  While such apparitions may be attributed to a phenomenon called Pareidolia, a Toronto man finally discovers Jesus in a saucepan, blowing away previous sightings.
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What we may have to resort to, once the world runs out of bullets…
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Angelina Jolie may represent the pinnacle of today’s standards of beauty, but even she has a long way to go to reach the ideals that our superficial society craves. Since these cravings have evolved around airbrushed media, illusions of Hollywood and unrealistic perfection, the ideal Angelina is in truth, made of the same unnatural material from which her perceived perfection originates. See the full creation »