After seeing Shoot ‘Em Up, I have to wonder what made Clive Owen take on the role. Did he read the script? See the full creation »

Digitally modifying a classic renaissance masterpiece by placing its historically blind subject into a new context.
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Encapsulating Venus in a cube comprised of her original surroundings.
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Adding dimension to a classic painting.
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The Mona Lisa is the definitive manifestation of creativity, expression and timeless beauty. She was born in an era when science, innovation, religion and spirituality were in a tug of war with humanity’s intellectual and creative attention.
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A million monkeys at a million typewriters would eventually recreate the entire works of Shakespeare. This idea from the infinite monkey theorem may be an analogous interpretation regarding the vastness and possibilities within infinite randomness, but the scientists, mathematicians and philosophers who have contributed to such studies may not have been paying attention to the actual abilities of ‘inferior’ creatures such as primates.
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