Beyonce Knowles may have started off as a wholesome child of destiny, but it looks as if lately, destiny has all but abandoned her.
Left to fend for herself, Beyonce has been trying to renew her career - but instead, seems to be taking cues from Hanna Montana and Borat, by assuming her own alter-ego she calls ‘Sasha Fierce’. Her new persona may have started off fierce, but if you’ve seen her performances of late, they resemble Shakira on LSD during a hurricane, getting electrocuted.
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Chef Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay (Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares) has made a name for himself through his eccentric, compulsive and hot-headed approach to cuisine. As he continues to unleash his fury upon aspiring chefs working below him, many wonder what it would take to push him over the edge. A little known fact is that his twin brother, Vincent Ramsay, has already passed his tipping point. While Chef Gordon climbed the ladder of success, Vincent chose to remain a short order cook.
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Revisiting a classic masterpiece, to provide a context more relevant to our current times.
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