While Hillary Clinton’s true nature, as well as her ultimate objectives are open for debate, the mass media continues to spin her political dribble in only the most positive directions.

The following is an alternate explanation, clarifying Hillary’s role in Politics and presented in a view comprised of a bit of truth, some conspiracy theory and a fair share of speculation.
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Among the variety of characters from early cartoons, the Smurfs are undoubtedly the strangest and most memorable. Conspiracies relating to racist origins, their mushroom houses and Smurfette’s role in the colony have circled the characters since their inception in 1958. Whether or not you believe the myths, you can’t deny that such creatures would be rodent-like hominids that most wouldn’t want to meet.
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Hollywood continues to evolve into a full-blown circus. The clowns carrying out the never ending antics, while feeding the minds of gossip hounds are increasingly abandoning their traditional makeup for more drastic solutions. Today’s iconic beauties generally consist of airbrushed, photoshopped and washed out depictions that penetrate, invade and distort our natural notions of aesthetics.

When encountering similar sights of the ideal in the real world, you’ll be sure that many of the idols are supported in their stature by mounds of silicone. Driven by the seemingly crucial need to portray false perfection, more and more stars are morphing into the illusive results of creative, surgical hackery.

While cosmetic surgery can produce stunning results, their limitations are set by the extent of ugliness of the subject in question. Luckily, through the use of digital technology, we can present the following study that augments celebrities in a manner that exceeds the limitations of mere physical surgery.

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